John Legend is Back – New Album and New Look Shots from Fault Magazine Shoot

‘Love In The Future’ to be released later this Spring

Six-time Grammy winner John Legend has been working with Kanye West on his latest album – one that John described in his recent interview with Fault Magazine  as “fresh and exciting yet organic, modern and relevant”.

The album is a reflection of the times, or “modern soul music” as John puts it and is due for a release Spring 2013.

On top of this (full quotes from the interview are included below), here’s the very first new looks as John covers Fault’s music section –

Exciting news for early 2013…

On his new album ‘Love In The Future’

“I’m working with Kanye West again, which has been amazing. I’m excited for everyone to hear it.”

On the title

“I really wanted to make a modern twenty first century soul album and create something fresh and exciting yet organic modern and relevant”

On who he’d still like to work with

“I haven’t collaborated with Beyonce or Adele both of whom I’m a big fan of”

On what advice he’d give to artists starting out

“Work hard, develop your own sound and learn the different processes of making music. A good song is a good song regardless of it’s genre”.