Jennifer Lopez continues to show the world she is a GLOBAL superstar!
Lopez can currently be seen on the highest rated new summer show WORLD OF DANCE, and her new single NI TU NI YO, from her highly anticipated new Spanish language album is racing its way up the charts.  Stats below!
  • Ni Tu Ni Yo music video was the #1 trending video on VEVO
  • The music video for Ni Tu Ni Yo amassed over 6 million views in two days
  • Ni Tu Ni Yo is currently the #2 music video on iTunes (behind Despacito)
  • Ni Tu Ni Yo ranks #4 on the iTunes Latino charts
  • Ni Tu Ni Yo is #5 in Spotify Global Viral 50
  • Ni Tu Ni Yo takes #1 position on brand new Spotify Playlist “Viva Latino” – THE destination for Latin music on the platform
  • Ni Tu Ni Yo is the #1 video by a female artist in the WORLD!
  • Nu Tu Ni Yo has over 14 million views and streams in one week
  • #NiTuNiYo has trended worldwide