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Camila Cabello has finally released the highly-anticipated music video for smash hit single “Havana”.
Directed by Dave Meyers, the “Havana” music video stars Camila – who plays Karla, Young Thug, and special guests Lele Pons, Jejuan James and Noah Centineo.
Speaking about the inspiration behind the music video, Camila says: “Roger, my manager, my mum and I were just talking and we came up with the idea of doing like a film, a mini movie and it was inspired from music videos like Thriller, where you can’t tell what’s real or not. The video is like a line between reality and fantasy that’s blurred and that is my vibe, and that is my kind of thing, I love music videos and anyone will tell you this video is definitely about me. The kind of books I read are fiction and the kind of movies I watch are fiction. I love reading Harry Potter and watching Disney movies.”
“Havana” is currently #2 on the UK Official Singles Midweek chart and remains at #1 on the UK iTunes chart. Last week, the single reached a new peak of #2 on the UK Spotify chart. To date, it has racked up over 210,000,000 streams.
Watch the video for “Havana” here.
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