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Anastacia appeared on last night’s episode of Swedish Idol in disguise to prank the judges with a performance of her iconic single ‘I’m Outta Love’.
Posing as a British girl named Gabby, Anastacia performed in front of judges Alexander Kronlund, Nikki Amini, Kishti Tomita and Anders Bagge – who Anastacia has been working with on her new album ‘Evolution,’ released September 15th.
After her performance, Nikki tells Anastacia: “I’m sorry, but you can’t sing really,” before Kishti adds: “You are not it, you’re much too nervous and it’s way too late.”
Hilariously, Anastacia then takes off her disguise to confront the judges, by asking “Is it too late for me? I should just pack it in?”
After the episode aired, Anastacia commented:
“Anders and I had spent a lot of time in the studio. Both very similar personalities… quiet, shy and serious. Hahaha… obviously that’s a lie! We had A LOT of fun! So when he asked me to come on Idol, we thought… how can we make it different to normal celebrity appearances? ‘A prank,’ Anders suggested. ‘Fool the judges and contestants in disguise.’ No one has to ask me twice to have fun like that on a TV show! My answer was imminent, hell yeah! The judges may have realised it was me at certain points but I didn’t care, I knew I was kind of fooling them! Kishti telling me I was too nervous, that it was too late for me, man I was trying not to fall to the floor laughing!… and Kishti, woman to woman, it’s never too late! I got too much singing still to do for that! ‘Caught In The Middle’ and the rest of the album ‘Evolution’ was a creation I made with Anders and his team at his Baggpipe Studios. We had the best time and my Idol prank with him was the icing on the cake!”
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