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As an artist and songwriter, Yungblud lives to stir up the raw energy of rebellion. On his self-titled debut EP, the 19-year-old Northern England native confronts everything from gentrification to disenfranchisement to addiction, turning each track into an infectious anthem that packs endless cathartic power.

With his frenetic take on alt-pop equally inspired by punk, hip-hop, and UK garage, Yungblud makes brilliant use of his breakneck flow and tongue-in-cheek attitude, delivering pointed lyrics without ever getting heavy-handed. “I want my music to always have a message, but I don’t want to preach to anybody,” says Yungblud, otherwise known as Dominic Harrison. “When people preach to me, I completely switch off—like, ‘Why are you trying to tell me to do?’ This music’s just an outburst of emotion and anger, and everything else going on in my head.”

Born in Yorkshire, Harrison first picked up a guitar at age two and began writing his own songs when he was ten. At 16 he moved to London, then spent the next few years struggling to define his musical vision. “I got slightly lost for a while, writing stuff that didn’t make sense to who I was,” he says. But after reconnecting with the firebrand artists that first compelled him to create music—The Clash, Arctic Monkeys, N.W.A—Harrison felt unstoppably inspired. “Once I figured out what I wanted to say, I went on this mad rampage and wrote so much,” he recalls. With “King Charles” independently released in April 2017, Yungblud quickly built a major buzz online and landed his deal with Geffen Records by that summer’s end.