Artists | Anastacia

Since the release of her trend-setting, breakthrough debut “Not That Kind” in 2000, Anastacia has been one of the most successful, popular and glamorous artists in the international world of pop. She’s a charismatic, exceptional singer, who has been inspiring an ever-growing, worldwide fan community for almost two decades with her indescribably powerful, rocky, soulful voice. Even off-stage, she’s the prime example of a true superwoman, whose personal misfortunes have only served to make her stronger. After celebrating her rebound from serious illness with the top 5 album “Resurrection” three years ago, the indestructible pop-rock phenomenon is now taking the next exciting step in her creative and personal development, with “Evolution”!

With globally acclaimed hits such as “I’m Outta Love”, “Paid My Dues”, “Left Outside Alone”, and “Sick & Tired”, Anastacia has moved her audience, made it dance and reflect. The important message that carries through to the US superstar’s new album is to bravely face all challenges, to fight, and to get up again if life trips you up. It’s this tried-and-tested life’s motto that has led Anastacia to several number one hits in 19 countries, a shower of gold and platinum awards for over 30 million records sold worldwide, more than 100 million YouTube views and countless international awards, such as a total of six MTV Awards, four ECHOs, three World Music Awards, three Brit Awards, three Golden Europe Awards, the Woman’s World Award, a Bambi, a Golden Camera, and many more.

Her collaborations with top-class artists such as Umberto Tozzi (on the number 1 hit “Ti Amo”) and Eros Ramazzotti (on the number 1 hit “I Belong To You”) and participation in the BBC show “Strictly Come Dancing” (2016) have given Anastacia the reputation of one of the most versatile artists of her time. Over the past two years, the singer, who grew up in the American metropolis of Chicago, could be witnessed live on her euphorically-celebrated world tour, with 200 almost sold out shows. In between, she returned to the studio to record “Evolution”, the most intimate and multifaceted album of her career so far. Together with Swedish producer Anders Bagge (Céline Dion, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez), Anastacia recorded 13 songs in Stockholm that are bursting with self-confidence and courage.

Anastacia tells her very personal story on the new album, from her slightly bumpy career start to today’s cult status, which the passionate music-lover has enjoyed at least since the release of her multiplatinum, second number 1 hit “Freak Of Nature” (2001). It’s an honest resume that gets deep under the skin, and doesn’t only examine the radiant highlights.

Professional success was followed by private tragedies such as a divorce and then the diagnosis of a life-threatening breast cancer, which Anastacia successfully recovered from. It was a deeply dramatic experience for her, which she now can speak openly about, even with a black sense of humour.

“Evolution” presents Anastacia at the height of her creativity. It’s an album bursting with pure energy. Captivating rock numbers alternate with catchy pop songs and moving ballads, dominated by Anastacia’s immediately-recognisable soulful voice with its characteristic, slight scratchiness. She describes her unconventional style mix as “SPRock music” – a well-balanced mixture of soul, pop and rock, which the singer enriches with a few stylistically-surprising elements. The old Anastacia is back with the new!